20 years experience of Vehicle Moving Equipment

Famek is a Swedish company which specializes in devel-
oping customized equipment for the secure, non-polluting, ergonomic movement of vehicles.

Famek is the world´s leading producer of specially designed vehicle moving equipment. Today, Stringo is in use in more than 35 countries.

Famek is an OEM Manufacturer. This translates into a faster turnaround from request to prototyping, quicker product delivery
and enables a flexible and customized product design.     

Stringo machines are renowned for their dependability and high quality. With the close cooperation of our customers, Stringo the vehicle mover is constant evolving.

Famek AB     Strandvägen 67     S-870 52 Nyland, Sweden     Phone +46 (0)612-28 000     E-mail info@stringo.se