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Stringo PLUS has all the advantages of the regular Stringo, PLUS next-level features. With an upgraded front-section, this robust model is designed for challenging environments, high-frequent use, and long-distance moving. The outstanding terrain capability enables you to smoothly ride over obstacles or transitions that come in your way – without losing speed or precision.


Stringo PLUS is capable of transporting vehicles weighing up to 3 000 kg or 5 000 kg, depending on what capacity you need. The powerful front-section is developed to handle heavy loads in the automotive industry in different departments such as end-of-line, testing, or design. A terrain bogie wheel solution enables you to smoothly ride over bumps and obstacles without losing speed, which makes this machine a useful tool in challenging environments and for long-distance moving. Combined with increased stability and outstanding comfort, Stringo PLUS gives the operator confidence to navigate the Stringo more efficiently while ensuring gentle movements and safe handling.

Grundläggande fördelar

  • Terrain capability
    Equipped with bogie wheels, Stringo PLUS can ride over bumps and obstacles, like uneven floor surfaces or transitions. The machine carefully transports your vehicle long distances over rough ground. This terrain capability allows you to go faster, a feature that will decrease your loading time.
  • Outstanding stability
    Stringo PLUS has a lower center of gravity, enabling outstanding stability. This gives the operator the confidence to navigate the Stringo even more efficiently.
  • Gentle and smooth on operator and vehicle
    The special bogie wheels offer extra comfort for both operator and vehicle, ensuring gentle movements and safe handling.

Long-term flexibility

As the car business evolves at an accelerating pace, you need a tool that can meet your needs over time. Stringo PLUS is designed for long-term flexibility, capable of handling new missions. When your vehicles change in design or specification, you can adjust the flexible front-section to fit your different models.


Thanks to the robust design high-frequent usage have a low impact on maintenance and repair. New technical solutions, such as bogie wheels, causes less wear and tear on the castor wheels – an area that’s usually affected by frequent use.

Stringo+ is available in two designs

Download product sheet for Stringo S3+ and Stringo S5+

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