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Meet the all new Stringo S5

The next Generation of Vehicle Movers Arrive
Steer-by-wire, AC drive motor armed, AGV ready and more...


About Stringo

Nyland nestles between a river and mountains. The magnificent landscape gives the area its character, not just the scenery but the people who live there too. Everyone comes up with their own solutions that do the job and make life simpler for them and for other people. And they do this with pride. This is where our family business is based. This is where the strength and inventiveness come from.

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Our Research & Development

Our ambition is to remain firmly at the forefront of developments in the field of assisting in heavy strenuous work providing ergonomically correct handling. Read more about this topic on...

Research & Development

Meet our customers

Customer satisfaction is our major focus. Our customers’ requirements and needs are our challenges and we offer full customization. Read more about this topic on...

Stringo at work

Take a closer look at the Stringo

There is one way of moving cars efficiently, simply and safely – Stringo at your service! Read more about this topic on...

Best practice

This is who we are

One family, one idea. We are proud of being committed to the core: developing and manufacturing vehicle movers is our focus and passion. Read more about us on...

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Our Products

Move vehicles safely and efficiently with premium machines designed for your daily challenges.

Stringo Four-Wheel Mover is optimised for chassis dynamometer environments and perfect for climate testing

Stringo 4WM

The Four-Wheel Mover (4WM), a safe and efficient way to move vehicles that lifts the four tyres using Stringo’s solutions, the market leader in vehicle moving with patented technologies and innovations.

AGV Ready - How Stringo Helps the Automated Guided Vehicle Transformation

The old rules of how to lay out production lines and configure robotics to move vehicles through the manufacturing process is changing rapidly. AGVs are more flexible and advanced than ever and even automated solutions are entering the market. Read more about how Stringo helps this dynamic need.


Stringo DuoMover

Are you seeking a fast four-wheel solution combined with the flexibility of Stringo Vehicle Mover? Here it is. Stringo DuoMover provides you with a simple and optional set up for the safe maneuvering of all four wheels of a vehicle.


Stringo PLUS has all the advantages of a regular Stringo, PLUS next-level features. Available in two designs.

8 reasons why you should buy a Stringo



Stringo’s design is specially adapted to move cars – the human body is not. With Stringo, the vehicles are manoeuvred easily without this action taking its toll on the human body.



Stringo is efficient and powerful, and does not emit any hazardous substances. What’s more, the ignition can be turned off, meaning that the car will not emit any exhaust fumes.



Stringo is equipped with a dual safety system that protects both the operator and the vehicle.



Time is money. Thanks to Stringo’s power, the workforce can be utilised in a more cost-effective way.



Thanks to its world-unique design, Stringo has an extremely small turning radius. Large cars are easy to move, even in small spaces.



Moving cars is heavy work, which places high quality requirements on the machine that is to perform the work.



We customise every machine so each one meets the specific requirements of our customers. We put a great deal of effort into supplying purpose-built vehicle movers.



We are very proud of our long history that goes all the way back to the 1980-ties of experience. As far as we are concerned, not only does this involve professional pride, but also responsibility and job satisfaction.

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