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Stringo DuoMover provides a safe, easy, and efficient way to move vehicles when all four wheels must be controlled. You can smoothly transport different vehicles, even over obstacles and transitions, and one person can easily maneuver and handle the whole moving process. Lift all four wheels of the vehicle and be on your way in less than a minute. It’s perfect for challenging environments and high-frequent use. Combine Stringo DuoMover with the flexibility of the Stringo vehicle mover, and you’re ready to go!

Benefits of Stringo DuoMover

  • Move vehicles with true four wheel control. 
  • Electric loading in less than 1 min.
  • Climb over 20 mm obstacles.
  • Safe and agile maneuvering.
  • One person operation.
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Stringo DuoMover provides you with a simple setup for safe maneuvering of all four wheels of a vehicle with an axle weight of up to 1 500 kg (3306 Ibs). The guide wheels climb over 20 mm obstacles and ensure you a safe and smooth movement in various automotive-related businesses. One example can be the car plants, with their many different operations, such as the assembly line, end-of-line, R&D, and testing environment.

Stringo DuoMover engages different tire dimensions with its roller planes, provides safe handling, and ensures you a smooth on-off loading process. Just load the vehicle on the Stringo DuoMover by pressing a button, and you’re on the move. Since the Stringo DuoMover are electric driven, there’s zero pollution when using it, just like Stringo vehicle movers.

Basic Benefits

Electric loading

In less than one minute, you can be on the move. All you have to do is load the vehicle on Stringo DuoMover by pressing an on-off button. This process is handled automatically and monitored by sensors so your hands can be safe and no need for manual mounting. 

20 mm obstacles

Equipped with premium polyurethane soft wheels, Stringo DuoMover takes your vehicle over 20 mm bumps and obstacles. The vehicle receives careful and safe long-distance transport, even over uneven ground. 

Safe and agile maneuvering

The roller planes smoothen the loading process and grip the tires on the vehicle safely, which provides stable transport for both the operator and the vehicle. Stringo DuoMover also follows where you go in a controlled way, so when your vehicle is up in the air, you never have to stay near to support it, which keeps you safe too.

One person operation

In minimal time, one person can move a wide range of vehicles in the most confined spaces with agile maneuvering and superior safety.

Stringo DuoMover – one of a kind

Stringo DuoMover is unique and cannot be compared to any other tool on the market. It's a fantastic way to move a four-wheeled vehicle in the easiest, safest, and most efficient way. That's why we call it a “one of a kind-product”. Read more in the product sheet. 

  • Max load - per unit 750 kg (1 654 lbs).
  • Max load for a pair – vehicle axle weight up to 1 500 kg (3 306 Ibs).

Focus areas during development of the Stringo DuoMover

Ease of Service

Combined products

Move vehicles safely and efficiently with premium machines designed for your daily challenges. Use a pair of Stringo DuoMover, combine them with any Stringo vehicle mover, and you’ll have four-wheeled agile maneuvering that finds its way in confined spaces.

Electric Loading
  • Effortless, safe on-off loading procedure.
    Just the press of a button away.
Standard Dimensions
  • Length: 1 000 mm / 39,4 in
  • Height: 800 mm / 31,5 in
  • Width: 475 mm / 18,7 in
  • Weight: 25 kg / 55,1 lbs
Guiding & Climbing Wheels
  • Wheel positioning ensure safe movement
    and enable smooth transition over
    20 mm obstacles.
Roller Planes
  • Automatically adjustment and fixation
    for different tire dimensions.
  • Makes the on-off loading process smooth.
Ergonomic Handles
  • For easy positioning, adjusting and
    lifting of the Duo Mover.
Replaceable batteries
  • Powerful reliable batteries.
  • Fast exchange of batteries possible.
Weight Information
  • Service weight: 25 kg / 55,1 lbs
  • Max load – per unit: 750 kg / 1 654 lbs
  • Max load for a pair – vehicle axle weight up to 1 500 kg (3 306 Ibs).

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Move vehicles safely and efficiently with premium machines designed for your daily challenges.


Stringo PLUS has all the advantages of a regular Stringo, PLUS next-level features. Available in two designs.