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Meet Stringo S3

The Stringo S3 is intended for those seeking a powerful vehicle mover that is easy to service and has a long operating time. The machine provides you with a good overview and features the optimal setup for the safe and smooth maneuvering of vehicles weighing up to 3 000 kg.


The Stringo S3 is the ideal choice for businesses that have to regularly move vehicles some distance, for example automotive industry testing labs, end-of-line, and larger workshops.

The Stringo S3 is also a wise choice for dealer showrooms and businesses that handle heavier and larger SUVs weighing between 2 000 and 3 000 kg.

With an operating time of ten hours and a battery and a motor with minimal maintenance requirements, the Stringo S3 is a tough work tool. Our wide range of accessories means we are able to adapt the machine to suit your specific requirements. S3 is available with hydraulic cylinder for greater power and it allows a lower ground clearance for really low cars.

Basic Benefits

Other advantages include the modern design of the S range of machines, which has resulted in safer working practices and an improved working posture for the operator. The low drive unit provides excellent visibility during both loading and unloading.

Since the 1980-ties, we have focused on just one thing – moving cars as efficiently, easily and safely as possible. We leave nothing to chance, which is evident in our Stringo S3 model.


We have put all the regular maintenance information in one place to facilitate servicing and maintenance. Looking after your Stringo properly should be problem-free.

We never leave anything to chance and the Stringo S-series illustrates that clearly.

Focus areas during development of the new S3

Ease of Service

Relaxed handling technique means greater focus on the move itself

  • The throttle and brake are controlled with the same lever. The brake is activated when the throttle lever is released.
  • Minimal turning angle when using a ride-on platform.
  • Multiple control lever settings mean it can be adjusted for every single operator.
Communication System
  • Horn - electric horn
Electric System
  • Motor output: 1200 W
  • Battery type: Traction
  • Battery capacity: 2x 150 Ah C20
Weight Information
  • Service weight: 430 kg / 950 lb
  • Max load – vehicle axle weight: 1 800 kg / 3 970 Ib
  • Train weight: 3 430  kg / 7 560  Ib
Brake System
  • Parking brake - Electromechanical
  • Emergency brake - Reverse drive gear
  • Speed: Dual speed 0-3 km/h / 1,9 mph
    and 0-6 km/h / 3,7 mph
  • Operating time / Charge: 10h
Wheel System
  • Different options front wheels
Standard Dimensions
  • Length*: 1 750 mm / 68,90 in
  • Drive unit measurement: 425 mm / 16,75 in
  • Outside measurment: 1 850 mm / 72,85 in
  • Inside measurment: 1 130 mm / 44,50 in
  • * telescopic function adds additional 400 mm / 15.80 in

Our machines are hand-made and customized for each recipient with commitment and great focus on the customer´s wishes.

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