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The original vehicle mover

Our workplace

The story of Stringo is an unlikely journey that is now intertwined with all the major cities in the world – cities in numerous countries in North America, Europe and Asia. We operate in the most innovative industry on the planet, the developments of which propel our society forward in countless ways. The future of the automotive industry is a global endeavor.

The soul of Stringo has always been rooted to the countryside. For us, the landscape is a source of inspiration and something which has shaped our business and us as people. The values on which we have based our company all these years, such as authenticity, genuineness and a straightforward approach, we also consider to be unmistakable strengths of the countryside.

These values, combined with our passion for what we do and our expertise, perfectly describe who we are as a company as well as our employees.

As an employee with us, you are committed and always ensure the best for our customers. You see opportunities and are eager to play a part in developing our Stringo. Technological progress and quality are important to you and you are devoted to what you do.

In all the years

In all the years that we have been developing our Stringo here in Nyland, we have also developed a way of viewing our business. We have adopted concepts such as innovation, pride and genuineness as a spirit that describes what we do, and these have become important core values in our business.

Our customers’ requirements and needs are our challenges and have demonstrated our capacity for innovation and our high level of service. All this has meant that we now have the most extensive experience and the best know-how on the market, and we still offer full customization.Together with our satis ed customers, we have evolved into a modern and world-leading company. They are our foremost ambassadors. Customer satisfaction is our major focus.

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Stringo a world-leading product

Stringo is a world-leading product and a unique vehicle mover. It was developed entirely in-house 30 years ago and today we deliver our vehicle movers to every corner of the globe.

Together with our satisfied customers,we have evolved into a modern and world-leading company.

A Stringo is hand-made and customized for each recipient with commitment and a great focus on the customer’s wishes. It has been created to assist in heavy strenuous work and has been developed for ergonomically correct handling. It saves on personnel and provides clear ef ciency gains, time savings and environmental bene ts.


The entire production process is adapted to manufacturing Stringo

At stringo we focus only on developing vehicle movers and our entire production process is adapted to manufacturing Stringo and nothing else.This makes us knowledgeable, proud and very passionate. 

Our vision is to moving cars:

products-check.png Ergonomically
products-tools.png Easily
products-achtung.png Safely
Nina Thelin, CEO

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