most popular model Stringo S3 stands in the car retail hall

In November 2015 we launched Stringo S3 and during 2016 to 2019 it has been our most wanted model from the S-series. We have incorporated customer feedback and our 30+ years of experience into development of this vehicle mover, which has proved to be the perfect combination.

Development is an important part of our business. We are consistently striving to improve our products. This level of commitment forms the backbone to the creation of our vehicle mover, the Stringo S3.

A model suitable for all kind of environments

The development focus for the Stringo S3 centered on ergonomics, safety and ease of servicing. The model provides the operator with a good overview standing on a ride-on platform and features the optimal setup for the smooth and safe maneuvering of the vehicle. Contributing factors to this is the minimal turning radius and smaller space needed for operating with this Stringo, the new handle controls and a steering arm that is customizable for each user. The new driving controls also result in a more relaxed driving technique, allowing for a greater focus on the move itself.

The popularity of the Stringo S3 is due to its ease of use in all types of environment. And for businesses that deal with heavier vehicles, up to 6,600 lbs and when numerous moves are needed, the Stringo S3 is truly in its element. With our high level of customizing and broad range of options there is little left to wish for. A truly agile work partner for cramped areas, whether it's a showroom or a major automotive industry.

Your go-to-car-mover for cars up to 3 tons

An area where the Stringo S3 has proved to be a major asset is at the manufacturer's end-of-line. If a car fails to start at the end of the production line, it has to be quickly transported away for the problem to be remedied. With the help of a Stringo, moving the car is easily done and production can continue efficiently, with no disruption.

The Stringo S3 is our recommended car mover for moving cars up to three tons. Its modern design means the machine makes a powerful impression, which is confirmed the moment it is put into use. This is just one of the reasons why the Stringo S3 is currently our most popular model of vehicle mover.