Global presence ensures security and fast service

Stringo has a well-developed network of distributors and service partners around the world. Thanks to them, we guarantee that our customers receive quick help. Learn more about how we work together with our German distributor FFB Gabelstapler.

Distributors and service partners all over the world

"The Stringo way of working gives a lot of goodwill. It is very important to have distributors and service partners in all countries. With this approach, Stringo has very fast solutions for its customers" says Philip Rüdel, Business Management Assistant at FFB Gabelstapler.

FFB Gabelstapler is the distributor for Stringo in Germany and one good example of how Stringo is operating globally. With 85 employees, they help customers with support by phone or on-site. In turn, they collaborate with a handful of service partners across Germany, as well as service partners in Austria, the Czech Republic, Hungary, and Poland.

"Germany is, of course, our main market but we also serve Eastern Europe. By having a service partner in each country, customers can get help from someone who speaks their language, which is sometimes a prerequisite when everyone doesn't speak English. In addition, our partners are close to the customer if we need to send out a service technician" Philip explains.

Spare parts always arriving as soon as possible

Since FFB Gabelstapler has its own warehouse, it is quick and easy to deliver spare parts.

"We can offer quick help. Sending spare parts today, they will be at the customer’s site by tomorrow. In cases when it is not that urgent, I can contact Stringo in Sweden and ask them to send spare parts direct to the customer."

Philip has the most care of warranty matters when parts need to be replaced.

"Quite often the customer has not used Stringo according to the manual, then I can easily help them by phone guiding them in how they should operate the machine. The machines are not that complicated, the customer can usually fix the problem."

Allowing FFB Gabelstapler to solve problems themselves

"The feedback from customers shows their surprise that they can solve the problem themselves instead of sending out a service technician. In cases, if it’s not possible, customers are very grateful that we quickly sent out a service technician the same day or next. Most problems are solved the same day or, at latest, the same week" Philip says.

As FFB Gabelstapler also serves several of the main car brands in Germany, security, reliability, fast service and high competence are of the utmost importance.

"It’s of great importance for us to have the foremost service technicians to help our top customers. Also important is the dialogue between service partners and customers, so we get feedback on what we can share with Stringo in Sweden."
"This helps us both, Stringo in Sweden and FFB in Eberstadt, Germany, to develop our service commitment and ensure that a Stringo customer gets the best service" concludes Philip Rüdel.

To learn more about our partner FFB Gabelstapler, please visit their website at To learn more about our world wide distributors and where to locate them, please contact our support or go to the contact section of our website.