Nina Thelin: 'Stringo is a journey we take together'

"Stringo is not just a job, it’s a journey we take together." 

Those are the words of Nina Thelin who, since the start of this year, has been the CEO of Stringo for five years. For Nina, it’s imperative that Stringo’s business is based on the core values innovationgenuineness, and pride. A mission of hers as CEO has been to ensure that the whole organization is characterized by what Stringo stands for – all the way out to customers. 

Aiming to be better than everyone else 

“I’m very value-driven and that has been the guiding light to all the decisions we have made. The startup of all our subsidiaries was made out of these core values. It has been a distinct strategic focus to get closer to our customers to make sure they know who we are and what we stand for. We don’t just sell a product to our customers, we provide a solution. We have even turned down jobs on occasion because we realized that we would not be able to do them completely in our way. It’s that important,” says Nina. 

Having the courage to turn down jobs is something Nina considers a strength. Stringo as a company is focused on its product, a vehicle mover, and making it better than all others. 

“It’s about having close relationships with our customers; we must understand their everyday challenges and their needs to offer customization and be world-leading. We have targeted the automotive industry and it’s in this segment that we must be the strongest and best at what we do.”

From marketing assistans to CEO

Nina joined Stringo in 2006 as a marketing assistant, but, as a daughter in the owner's family, she grew up with Stringo. Everyone helps out in a small company with whatever needs to be done, becoming the CEO overtime was, therefore, a natural step to take. 

“It’s been a really fun and exciting few years! I’m very passionate about always improving and developing things. At the same time, it’s important to look at what we have accomplished and be satisfied and proud of it. That gives me energy,” says Nina. 

“Over the last five years, we have undergone a generational shift and acquired new expertise – not just in Nyland but in our subsidiaries as well. We have been focusing on customizing our organization; it’s about having the courage to restructure the business according to what we believe in. For me, the wellbeing of our employees is very important. If we are to perform and deliver for many years to come, we must have pride and joy.” 

Customer satisfaction is always at the center

Nina again mentions the genuine willingness and drive to find solutions for the customers. She prefers to make decisions that are good for the company in the long-term and that have a lasting impact. 

“Starting a subsidiary entails both additional expense and risk, but we see it as a way of building up our expertise bringing Stringo’s core values closer to customers in our largest markets. The speed of change in the automotive industry is very high and we need to keep up with them”.

“Looking at the future, we will continue to work to get even closer to our customers. It’s clear that we need plenty of flexibility in our organization so that we can always be ‘hands-on’ and productive, and be able to offer our customers what they need. And, based on the direction we have opted for, we feel confident that we can keep up with the changes,” concludes Nina.