Safety the focus with new functions on S3

Much has changed since we launched the S3 in 2015, not only to the Stringo itself but also to the cars and the automotive environments. Bigger cars and tires together with even increasing customers’ demands for practicality and safety drives our work with continuous improvement.

“Much of the development work and future planning we do is linked to making the use of Stringo as safe and hassle-free as possible for the customer. That’s our natural focus. Some good examples of this are the solutions we developed to grip the wheels better, make driving safer on a slope and avoid the batteries being run empty”, according to Stringo CTO Magnus Grafström.

A better grip with the 4WDA automatic roll protector

The 4WDA automatic roll protector was recently introduced to make it possible to grip the car's tires better.

“It means that the car's tires can be gripped better without the machine getting any higher, even if the gripped wheels rotate during this movement. This is important given that the cars' ground clearance is always a limiting factor. Being able to offer this solution is a clear competitive advantage for us”, says Magnus Grafström.

For many customers, it is also important to be able to turn the machine off and on quickly, which is why we have also added a key option. For customers who choose to use the keypad to turn the machine off and on, we have added an update to the software that allows the machine to automatically switch off after 30 minutes. This is to save on battery charge and increase lifespan. 

New features included in the upgraded software

The upgraded software contains more new features; for example, we have added a Hill Hold function on Stringo, which works in the same way as the corresponding function on cars.

“The machine does not release the brake until the torque from the electric motor is higher than the braking force needed to prevent rolling backwards in an incline, even with the car loaded. This helps to make driving safer on a slope”, Magnus Grafström explains.

Also, the function of the press arms is now subject to the battery voltage not falling below a certain critical level. If too much of the batteries are discharged, you can only unload a car using the Stringo, not load on another car.

To learn more about these features or discuss this with us, please contact our R&D team. You can also contact us using our live chat, which you will find on our website. Thanks to our global presence, with distributors all over the world, we are available 24/7 to answer your questions.