CEO Nina Thelin Chosen for Prestigious Norrlandsbjörnen Award

It’s been announced that Nina Thelin, CEO and leader of Stringo, has been chosen for one of northern Sweden’s most respected accolades: the Norrlandsbjörnen Award. The acknowledgement is given for special contributions and individuals that drive Norrland’s development and growth, in promoting and pushing issues be they in business, higher education, infrastructure, culture, growth and the labour market.  The award—given by the organisation Norrlandsförbundet—is one of the oldest in the region honouring society and business leaders within four municipalities and has been awarded since 1953.  

Through strong leadership, Nina Thelin has developed Stringo into a globally successful company within the engineering industry. Nina has a clear picture of what Stringo is, what kind of company she strives to develop and how Stringo should succeed on the global stage. The development and sales has been positive in recent years and for those reasons, we’ve chosen Nina Thelin to be awarded the Norrlandsbjörnen (Norrland Bear) for Västernorrland County for 2021,” declares Norrlandsförbundet of the decision.  

“Naturally I’m very honoured to be chosen, that’s very kind of Norrlandsförbundet to recognise the work we’re doing at Stringo. But such an award really reflects positively on the organisation, on the colleagues and partners that deliver everyday. And more than anything else, it says something about the values that drive our business. I’m very humbled that our deep family values and respect for customers has spread across the globe,” says Thelin. 

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