Stringo Develops Private Collector and Museum Buyers at Amelia Concours Expo in US

After 30 years of dedicated production—Stringo is the only company focussed solely on the vehicle movers—and established itself as the market leading brand for end-of-the-line production and testing vehicle moving needs.

Increasingly however, the other Stringo customer classes (car dealerships, police departments, car repair shops, educational and military institutions) are seeing increased sales. 

However, two customer types stand above the others in volume: the private collector and the automotive museum. They’ve both become important buyers as they see the specific upside potential of Stringo’s helping them move their extremely valuable, often one-of-a-kind vehicles in a safe and efficient way.  

Jeff Barr, Stringo US Sales Territory Manager, has led the way in understanding the dynamics of these two buyers and what solutions they need. “They both use Stringos to move some of the most expensive cars in the world—one of a kind historic Porsches, museum quality Ferraris, Rolls Royces and investment class vehicles, you name it,” says Barr. But he also explains that though strongly connected, there are important differentiations. “In one sense—and keep in mind I’m of speaking of the US situation, every country has their own configuration—they live in a similar world and even form an ecosystem,” he describes, “private collectors may donate their collections to museums at some point or museums may buy private collector vehicles to complete historical sets of cars. So there’s an organic collaboration and connection. But on the other hand, the private collector is a very financially endowed and very independent individual. As you can see at the Amelia event, we’re at, they park their Lear Jets in a line over on the airfield. Money is not an issue for these buyers,” he laughs surveying a crowd that registers in the thousands, who have come to one of the most exclusive and largest events for classic and collectible in the US: the Amelia Concours d’Elegance in Florida, held each March.  

“The automotive museums are also here today and we have many of them as customers in the US and across the world. The Ford Museum, The Petersen Automotive Museum, The American Muscle Car Museum and others in the US and the Volvo Museum in Sweden etc. They love Stringos because it’s literally the safest way to move and preserve these pieces of industrial and cultural history. Plus they can use Stringos to place their vehicles more efficiently storage space wise so there’s actually a strong ROI component of their need.” 

Barr also describes there are other emerging potential customers in this area. Car Condos and Auction Houses. “Car condos are one of the hottest new real estate estate products. Essentially, it’s a condo where you can come and visit your car collection, where they’re maintained and with an adjacent track so you can drive or race them with like minded automotive enthusiasts and owners. It’s like having a condo at your golf course but for motoring instead.” 

“Additionally, we’re actively working with auction houses who have a strong need to move the cars they manage safely. It’s similar to the museums but even more active in the moving schedule. Stringos are really perfect for them and it shows a premium solution for a premium car,” describes Barr proudly of how Stringos fit their needs so perfectly.  

With Stringo’s global presence, more and more of these customers will seek out Stringo distributors to help them find the right machine and customisations for their needs. And as Stringo is quickly becoming the go-to brand for this segment, they’ll benefit from best-in-class experience and knowledge.   

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