Stringo donated to educational non-profit museum of Henry Ford

By learning from history we can build a better future. This is an aspiration and an objective that we at Stringo share with The Henry Ford Museum in Detroit. The donation of a customised vehicle mover to the museum is our way of demonstrating just how important we think their work is.

Henry Ford is best known for having made the car accessible to ordinary people. Visit The Henry Ford Museum and you will realise that he did far more than that.Henry Ford wanted to inspire young people to pursue technological advances, while also educating them about the sacrifices that had been made to ensure equal rights for all.

Visit with unexpected results

In autumn 2015 Stringo visited the museum to study the exhibitions and discuss with the museum’s representatives the benefits of using Stringo car movers in this type of environment.“The visit had a considerable impact on me, for a variety of reasons,” explains Nina Thelin, CEO of Stringo by Famek. “What made the experience unique was learning that the museum does not just exhibit antique vehicles and objects, but that it also wants to inspire and communicate knowledge, including about how people throughout history have in various ways had to fight for their freedom.”

From sports cars to buses

The museum’s collections comprise vehicles of different sizes, weights and shapes. Many of them are also extremely delicate and must be handled with care.Stringo has therefore discussed with The Henry Ford the need for a suitable car mover, and will bear the cost of this because the museum is run as a non-profit foundation.“There are sometimes occasions when it feels natural to want to get involved and contribute,” says Nina Thelin. “During my visit to The Henry Ford I realised what an important job the foundation does. I therefore decided that, instead of discussing a potential sale, we would donate a Stringo. I hope that this vehicle mover will prove a valuable contribution to their continued work.”

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