Stringo in American tv show Graveyard Carz

The seventh season of Graveyard Carz has just started in the USA. The workshop’s new Stringo appears in the second episode. Allysa Rose is introduced to the new machine in the workshop’s car park.

“This will make our job much easier,” says Allysa Rose as she moves a Barracuda that cannot be driven. “It is easier than before when we had to move all the cars by hand.”

The cars are parked close together. Space is limited both indoors and out. Using the Stringo S3, Allysa Rose moves the car back and forth herself in the car park, where previously a whole group of people were required to move a vehicle.

But it is indoors in particular that the Stringo comes into its own, as the cars do not need to be started in order to move them, thus creating a better indoor environment.

Tight space to move cars

Within the workshop, cars in various conditions and stages of restoration need to be moved. They need to find room for the vehicles, along with other equipment and a complete film team.
     Sometimes the Stringo’s functions are compared to go jacks, which are also used to move vehicles indoors. The difference with a go jack is that, with a Stringo, a person can conveniently move cars on their own without needing to use muscle force. Safety is also increased, as the car is locked securely once it is loaded onto a Stringo, and so there is no risk of it rolling away on its own.

Moving different car models long distances

The workshop in Graveyard Carz specializes in restoring cars from the 50s, 60s and 70s. That means that lots of different models of cars are competing for space. They change places and are moved around, often relatively long distances. For this reason, a safe, uncomplicated solution is needed for moving vehicles around indoors.

Stringo’s vehicle movers have been used in the workshop since the end of 2014 and thanks to them, it is simple and convenient to change the cars' places according to what work needs to be done and what is due to be filmed. The new Stringo S3 provides the operator with a good overview and features the optimal setup for the smooth and safe maneuvering of the vehicle to its new location.  The Stringo S3 also has a 15 percent higher battery capacity and a more energy-efficient motor than the preceding model, which makes a difference when working long hours on the machine.