Stringo in the British tv show Million Pound Motors

Here at Stringo we are delighted to see our unique products being used to move rare and valuable cars in the British TV show “Million Pound Motors”.

Million Pound Motors is a Channel 4 First Cut documentary series. Viewers get to follow eccentric secondhand car salesman Richard Biddulph, as he sells his rare and one-of-a-kind motors to demanding clients.

Appreciated tool by collectors

Stringo is a welcome aid for collections of rare cars, museums, exhibitions and other areas where high-value vehicles must be moved with extreme care. Thanks to its unique design, Stringo enables a single person to move a car without having to start the engine and without the risk of damaging the vehicle.

Moving high-value vehicles efficiently and safely

In the first episode of Million Pound Motors, Stringo appears in a number of scenes, showing how it can be used to move cars simply, efficiently and safely.

We are looking forward to following the rest of the season, as director Emma Hughes explores the exclusive world of the vintage motor trade together with Richard Biddulph.