Stringo® to expand staffing & competencies by 20% In 2022

2022-02-17. Nyland, Sweden. Stringo, the world’s most loved vehicle moving solution, is set to go on a major expansion of its competencies globally.

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This recruitment drive comes in the midst of the company investing in growth after making similar investments in R&D and sales capacity in previous years.
“We’re definitely in need to add great new members to our team,” explains CEO Nina Thelin of the planned expansion and talent recruitment. “We’re adding valuable management expertise to our leadership team ranks, first when we added a new CMO (Chief Marketing Officer) and now as we look to add a CSO (Chief Sales Officer). But just as important, we’re strengthening the whole organisation: new sales support personnel throughout our global daughter companies; production capacity; project planning and other parts of the organisation. This will give our customers great experiences as they buy our solutions and will help us grow.”

The recruitment drive will consist of a strong plank that adds three sales talent and support to Stringo’s sales territories in the US, China and Japan as well as a new CSO as described above.

Another important talent acquisition will be in production where Stringo has invested in physical infrastructure improvements like a premium painting facility have been installed. “It’s really critical that we get competent manufacturing talent into our facilities—these are very in demand skills in the market,” says Johan Fahlen, Production Manager of Stringo.

“I’m very, very excited about this phase of Stringo,” says Thelin, “that our passion, our business philosophy is proving successful and leading to such an expansion and growing of the Stringo family. But this isn’t just a matter of finding qualifications and degrees: it’s about bringing people into our family, sharing our values and joining us on this journey together.”

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About Stringo

Stringo is a unique company, the world’s most loved vehicle moving solution based in the heart of the High Coast, Sweden. Stringos have been developed entirely in-house for 30 years and today deliver vehicle movers to every corner of the globe. Stringo is the only company with total focus only on developing vehicle movers and the entire production process is adapted to manufacturing Stringos and nothing else. This makes the company knowledgeable, proud and very passionate. The company vision is to moving cars ergonomically, easily and safely.

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