Meet the team: Stringo USA

"Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out."
Robert Collier

This quote best sums up how Stringo functions every day of the year. It has now been four years since we opened our USA office. Today Jeff Barr, together with Melissa Fox and Steve Terell is working at The Stringo Inc. office, located in Southfield Michigan.

We value our customer's opinions

Our US-office services North America, Central America, and South America in conjunction with our very capable Strategic partners. Stringo is not about volume production. Each Customer has a need, a challenge, and a struggle that only personal attention can provide a valued solution. Over the last four years, Stringo Inc. has experienced steady growth due to listening and developing new features and products. Sometimes the smallest changes can make all the difference in how well Stringo can support your operations.

A customized Stringo solution for every need

We have a library of creations, modifications, and alterations that our R&D department has worked hard on with individual cases to customize the Stringo solution. You have the need and we have the solution. We love new and different customer challenges and requests. Our team of engineers assists sales staff to make personal visits to customer locations. We can bring the design experts right to your location and have done so many times.

  • Need to lift a vehicle by only one wheel up a ramp, but maintain the use of lifting by two wheels?
  • Do you move vehicles or design platforms between floors on an elevator?
  • Did you just finish your car collection display space and want a stealthy black powder coated Stringo to blend into the background?
  • Do you have an aggressive safety need with audible and visual safety features?
  • Do you need a Stringo to stay with the unit but space is tight?


No matter if you are a car collector, Research facility, or an end of line operation we will come see you, understand the challenges and work to create the solution. Each solution, each delivery, every happy customer, and listening to you are the small steps we make each day toward our success and your success.