Successful tests of new front section for Stringo S5

There is growing demand in the market for moving heavier and larger vehicles, mainly in the USA.

At the end of 2017, we shared with you that we are working to develop a new front section for our largest model, Stringo S5. The new front section is primarily designed to be able to lift heavier vehicles, but it also boasts plenty of new features that allow us to move cars more smoothly and safely than at present.

Testing heavy vehicles Detroit

We place the utmost importance on testing our models out at our customers – along with the challenges and requirements imposed on our vehicle movers – and on verifying that the design meets customer expectations. We recently visited customers in Detroit to test our latest prototype.

“While there, we tested the machine in various contexts,” says Magnus Grafström, Chief Technology Officer at Stringo.

“For example, loading and unloading in a dyno cell, maneuvering on a ramp, and moving extremely heavy vehicles such as a Chevrolet Silverado, which weighed 5.5 tons, and extremely low cars, such as a Chevrolet Corvette. All the challenges were completed with very good results. Everyone who tried out the machine praised it. The vehicle mover was perceived as very robust and safe.", says Magnus.

Smoother operation

"They were also very pleased that the vehicle mover operated smoothly on the surface in comparison to the ones they currently use. This is thanks to the new bogie position of the front wheels.”

In the coming months the machine will be used in ordinary operations at our customers' Proving Ground, which will enable us to verify the design through long-term testing.