The story behind our smart packaging

Here at Stringo, we select the subcontractors with whom we partner carefully. One such subcontractor is Edvardssons i Bredbyn AB, who together with us designed the functional packaging in which our vehicle movers are now delivered.

Edvardssons is a woodworking company that manufactures wood products, such as their in-house furniture system under the Crescendo System brand name, but they primarily produce industrial packaging.

“Customized packaging is our specialty,” says Ann Strandberg, CEO of Edvardssons i Bredbyn AB. “It doesn’t solely involve a plywood box, plenty of functionality is included. Together with our customers we review their needs and draft a proposal. In Stringo’s case, it was about designing packaging that could offer protection during transport, while also minimizing the time it takes to package the product.”

Easy to load and unload

It used to take two people – plus a forklift – to load and unload our vehicle movers from their previous packaging. Edvardssons developed the packaging we now use and it has enabled us to significantly reduce packaging time. We – and above all our customers – no longer need to use a forklift to load and unload.

The new packaging is delivered to us flat-packed, which means we save space. One person alone can steer the vehicle mover into the box where it is then secured. Likewise, the customer can easily unload the vehicle mover.

“Stringo’s packaging involved a number of challenges,” says Ann at Edvardssons. “It had to be easy to load the product, and, since it would be delivered to customers across the globe, there were particular requirements placed on protecting, securing, and unloading the product, as well as on the packaging materials, which needed to undergo special treatment.”

Efficient, practical and exclusive

Here at Stringo, the packaging is part of our brand, and it is therefore something we prioritize. It must be efficient and practical for us as well as our customers.  That’s why the packaging also needs to continuously evolve. We are grateful for the close partnership we have with Edvardssons i Bredbyn AB. It gives us peace of mind and allows us to offer the best solutions to our customers – not only when it comes to the vehicle movers, but in the way they are delivered to our customers as well.

Creative ideas for recycling

“Our new packaging has been very well received,” says Nina Thelin, CEO of Stringo. “The fact that the packaging makes it simple for our customers to receive and unload the product is greatly appreciated. On a fun side note, we have heard that plenty of customers are reusing our packaging for all sorts of other things – storage, walls, and more. This is naturally encouraging and we look forward to receiving new suggestions and innovative ideas for recycling.”