We believe in personal customer relationships and local presence

Stringo’s daily focus is understanding how our customers perform their work. To be able to do so, we understood early on that customer satisfaction requires local presence from our global sales team and top-class service. Stringo can offer full customization to meet the need of the most demanding customer operating environments.

A global sales team stationed in 40 countries

The global sales team consists of Andreas Berglund - Chief Marketing Officer, Nina Thelin - CEO, Bengt Becker - Global Sales Manager, and Magnus Grafström – CTO. The team spends much of its time visiting customers and distributors around the world. Stringo has 60 people stationed globally and sales in 40 countries to support and listen to our customers. Obtaining firsthand information and feedback directly from our distributors is incredibly important.

“Marketing is about motivating, guiding and inspiring. Of course, we could make use of the new technologies and travel less, but I believe that face-to-face meetings are becoming increasingly meaningful”, says Chief Marketing Officer Andreas Berglund. “For us it’s a given to also have a physical presence on the global market. And why would we not want to meet our customers? For us, it’s natural to do so.”

How EV has affected our industry

The automotive industry is undergoing major changes as a result of electrical vehicles (EV), which means it’s vital for us to be present and acquire as much knowledge as possible. If we want to stay the leader in our field, we must listen to our customers and learn. The emergence of electric parking brakes, electric transmission controls and EV power trains has presented new challenges to our customers daily operations. By visiting and listening we have developed solutions no other vehicle mover can provide.

“It means our R&D department gains a clearer presence on the global market. We have R&D representatives participating in several projects and thereby obtaining firsthand information,” says Andreas. “Today, our subsidiaries are doing amazing outreach. Through them we can reach North, Central and South America, China, the south Pacific and Japan.” concludes Andreas.