Why our R&D department work close to our customers

Over the last few years Stringo has purposefully brought our research & development team closer to customers. Technology develops rapidly and in order to understand trends and keep track of where the market is headed, close dialogue with customers is a prerequisite for R&D, which is the basis of expertise and experience.

“Our ambition has been to visit our customers as much as possible to speak with them directly about solutions and modification projects,” says Magnus Grafström, CTO of Stringo.

Keeping up with the global market

As a result, Magnus spends a lot of time travelling to customers in Germany and across Europe, the U.S., China and Japan. We now receive customer requests via both the marketing department and development department.

“We must understand the market, and our goal has been to bring the R&D department closer to our customers. The customers’ part in the dialogue often involves the technical aspects, and they appreciate being able to talk to someone from Stringo’s R&D. It adds a different weight to the meeting, being able to participate directly in technical discussions. In this way, we can take the lead with regard to technical questions – directly from the customer back to our head office in Nyland,” explains Magnus.

One step ahead of customer needs

This direct dialogue gives us a new way to follow development, recognize current trends, and work proactively instead of reactively.

“The goal is to have a solution ready before the customer approaches us with a request,” summarizes Magnus Grafström.