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Be a part of shaping Stringo in the future

The story of Stringo is an unlikely journey that today connects us with the world’s great cities in the United States, Europe, and Asia as well as several different countries. We have subsidiaries in three countries and are active in one of the most innovative industries, where development pushes our society forward on several levels. The future of the automotive industry is attracting global engagement. 

At the same time, Stringo’s soul has always been grounded in the countryside. For us, the landscape is a source of inspiration and also what shapes us and our business. The values on which we’ve built our company—such as authenticity, genuineness, and an uncomplicated approach to life—are also superior strengths of the countryside, according to us. Our headquarters in Nyland, in the middle of the world heritage High Coast of Sweden, is our natural hub and where we have our origins.

These values, combined with passion and excellent knowledge of what we do, clearly define our coworkers and who we are as a company. Since the middle of the 1980s, when we developed our very first Stringo, our customers’ wishes and needs have been our challenges, proving our ability to innovate and maintain a high service level. This is the main driving force for all of us at Stringo. We want more, to take things further and focus on long-term growth. Our shared engagement has made us knowledgeable, proud, and dedicated to our craft.

To me, the Stringo journey has a clear focus. We grow together with our brand and the coming years are just as exciting as challenging, where the need for teams that share our vision is substantial. We believe in creating a warm atmosphere where we cherish everyone’s equal value and importance for the greater good – and combine this with a clear focus on our goal! - Nina Thelin, CEO

As an employee with us, you are committed and dedicated to looking out for our customers’ best interests. You see opportunities and are intrigued by working to develop our Stringo and our business. Quality is essential to you, and you feel strongly committed to your work. You enjoy working with others, and with us, you will be a part of our passionate and knowledgeable team. 

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