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Meet Stringo 4WM

The Four-Wheel Mover (4WM), a safe and efficient way to move vehicles that lifts the four tyres using Stringo’s solutions, the market leader in vehicle moving with patented technologies and innovations. Using the 4WM, End-Of-Line production operators can maneuver the vehicle in full confidence and place it in where it needs to go without the safety risk that using skates or other half measures to move an all wheel locked vehicle. For testing engineers, the 4WM is optimised for chassis dynamometer environments and perfect for climate testing. Since it’s all electric, no emissions are introduced into the work environment.

Ready for the EV Revolution and more

The automotive industry is experiencing its most dramatic paradigm shift since the inception of cars. In the coming years, a billion vehicles will shift to EV and even more complex electrical functions that hinder vehicle movement. And the more it does, vehicle manufacturers will need to adapt production lines, testing and car dealerships to move these new generation of vehicles, many which lock all four wheels. 

Basic Benefits

  • Advanced Bogie wheel assembly
    Gives better transition capability going over thresholds and a smooth operator experience. Additionally, less wear and tear to the wheels. 
  • Automatic wheel base adjustment
    Stringo 4WM covers 95% of vehicle wheel bases.
  • One button control
    Easy and controlled loading and unloading sequences in one go, assuring error free vehicle moving.

Camera System

For easier positioning before loading and visibility during movement. Allows the operator to see obstacles and take action for optimal safety.


Thanks to the robust design high-frequent usage have a low impact on maintenance and repair. New technical solutions, such as bogie wheels, causes less wear and tear on the castor wheels – an area that’s usually affected by frequent use.


Stringo DuoMover

Are you seeking a fast four-wheel solution combined with the flexibility of Stringo Vehicle Mover? Here it is. Stringo DuoMover provides you with a simple and optional set up for the safe maneuvering of all four wheels of a vehicle.

Our Products

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Stringo PLUS has all the advantages of a regular Stringo, PLUS next-level features. Available in two designs.

Our machines are hand-made and customized for each recipient with commitment and great focus on the customer´s wishes.

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