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Meet the people behind Stringo

At Stringo, we are proud of our roots. Positioned in the middle of the world heritage High Coast of Sweden, Nyland is a source of inspiration and what has shaped us and our business. The values we have built our company on during all these years, such as authenticity, genuineness, and an uncomplicated approach, are also true strengths of the countryside. These values, combined with passion and extensive knowledge of our craft, define us as a company and our coworkers.

Three generations Stenström at Stringo

Christian Stenström is the third generation in the family that has chosen to be a part of our community. Both grandpa Boris and dad Jörgen preceded Christian. First up was the father, Jörgen, who’s worked at Stringo for more than 30 years. Jörgen has been participating in the exciting Stringo journey, going from a small family business to the global player we are today.

During his active years, Grandfather Boris Stenström worked on assembling our largest model, Stringo S5. Boris, now in his 70s, is retired and can instead enjoy his children and grandchildren continuing the work at Stringo.

"The work environment is fantastic," says Jörgen. "We are like one giant family, and the whole atmosphere is pleasant. Even though it is a workshop in a manufacturing workplace, it is spotless and tidy, which is something management also encourages."

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New forces at R&D 

In the summer of 2017, Håkan Jonsson began working for us in the R&D department. With previous experience in the automotive industry, pulp and paper, and offshore, he is a valuable addition to our work within development.

"I was intrigued by the forward-thinking mindset at Stringo. It’s inspiring to be a part of Stringo’s journey. There is incredible potential, and the investment in research and development shows strong faith in the future."

Håkan is a constructor, project manager, and product developer who has previously worked as a consultant for several large industries. So far, Håkan has been a vital cog in developing a new, enhanced front frame for the vehicle mover Stringo S5.

His roots in the Swedish city of Örnsköldsvik are somewhat of a bonus since he, like everyone else at Stringo, feels a pride towards the world heritage The High Coast, where  Stringo also has its origin.

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30 years with Stringo and  drag racing

Tomas ”Häggen” Hägg spent more than 30 years at Stringo, starting when it was still called Famek. Back then, he was the fourth employee at the company and he was there when the development of the first vehicle movers began. Around the same time, he began drag racing his ‘69 Chevrolet Corvette – something he has more time for in his well-earned retirement.

When Tomas began working at the company as a welder, the business mostly consisted of contract manufacturing for the sawmill industry and of garage doors.

A lot has happened since then. Today, Stringo is world-leading when it comes to vehicle movers. Tomas' focus shifted mainly to goods handling, in and out of the company.

Alongside his career, his greatest free time interest led him to a Swedish Championship gold medal in drag racing.

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