Automotive Testing Expo India 2023 Sees Stringo Preview New 4WM Solution Ahead of Launch

2023-04-17. Nyland, Sweden. Stringo, the world’s most loved vehicle moving solution, will be participating with Stringo India distributor Paras in this year’s Automotive Testing Expo (ATE) in the city of Chennai, India, the first time since the pandemic that the expo will be held in person.

The show, one of the largest for the testing community in the subcontinent and in South East Asia, will host more than 160 of the largest manufacturers of testing as well as welcome tens of thousands of industry visitors. As such it’s seen as a critical place to learn about new trends, products and preview solutions.  

Stringo will be previewing one such solution, its new Four-Wheel Mover that will be launched this year. There has recently been increased demand from various sectors of the automotive industry for solutions that enable four-wheel vehicle moving. The electrification of cars in general, and the development of EVs in particular, have changed the needs at end-of-line and car testing facilities. The solution that is rapidly becoming adopted by testing facilities is a four-wheel mover (4WM) solution.


“A 4WM is a solution that enables you to move a vehicle by lifting all four wheels. You can move a car without starting the engine, without rotating any of the four wheels when running tests on dyno cells, in wind tunnels, or in climate chambers. In situations where you won’t be able to start the engine or when you run a test and the vehicle breaks down, a 4WM is essential to move the car in or out of the test facility,” explains Magnus Grafström, CTO of Stringo, the original vehicle mover from Sweden.

Stringo will be previewing the solution sets the company has invented ahead of the launch at the the ATE India 2023 show: the DuoMover solution that can be used with the S-series vehicle mover, as well as the new 4WM machine.

“It’s a great opportunity to start getting the market excited for this critical solution,” says Sam Coleman, CMO at Stringo, “and it’s important for the testing to community to know that soon they’ll have a great new technology, specified for their dyno testing needs and one that can be completely customised to their environments.”

Stringo will be present at booth 3129.

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