Automotive Testing Expo Stuttgart Sees GTM of Four-Wheel Mover and Keynote Address

2023-06-13. Nyland, Sweden. Stringo, the world’s most loved vehicle moving solution, travels to Germany this month as it exhibits at the Automotive Testing Expo Stuttgart alongside partner FFB Gabelstapler, happening on June 13-15, and will reach a range of automotive professionals.

Automotive Testing Expo Stuttgart is a seminal gathering for not only the German automotive community, but the wider European testing and manufacturing industry as a whole. And this year will see the new Stringo® 550 PLUS HP 4WM previewed and shown as a key new innovation to help testing engineers deploy electric vehicles on dyno cells, a challenge as often all wheels on such EVs lock. The Stringo® Four-Wheel Mover (4WM) is the safest and fastest way (19.8 seconds loading time) for a single operator to move a vehicle with all four wheels lifted, coming at the perfect moment for customers looking for such solutions as electrified cars often have their wheels locked as more complex electrical functions hinder vehicle movement. “Vehicle manufacturers will need to adapt production lines and testing and car dealerships will need such tool like the Stringo® Four-Wheel Mover (4WM) to move these new generation of vehicles,” explains Stringo CTO Magnus Grafström. “With the new Stringo® Four-Wheel Mover (4WM), they can accomplish their work in the safest way possible,” he states.

Stringo 4WM - Watch the teaser video

Additionally to the go-to-market (GTM) premiere of the Stringo® 550 PLUS HP 4WM, a keynote address will be held at the show, discussing mobility in general by Stringo CMO Sam Coleman. “I think people are really focused on decarbonisation and that’s understandable, the climate challenge is driving a massive change in the kinds of vehicles that transport us,” he explains. “But additionally, you have to think about broader changes: automated driving (AD), Mobility as a Service (MaaS) and other very disruptive trends,” he adds.

Exhibiting at these fairs demonstrates Stringo’s commitment and strategy for growth in the German and European market which is seeing record expansion for Stringo products.

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