Stringo Introduces New Four-Wheel Mover (4WM) Product to Address Electric Vehicle (EV) Manufacturers and Testing Needs

2023-06-07. Nyland, Sweden. Stringo, the world’s most loved vehicle moving solution, proudly introduces its latest next generation product: the Stringo® 550 PLUS HP 4WM. The Stringo® Four-Wheel Mover (4WM) is the safest and fastest way (19.8 seconds loading time) for a single operator to move a vehicle with all four wheels lifted, coming at the perfect moment for customers looking for such solutions as electrified cars often have their wheels locked as more complex electrical functions hinder vehicle movement. “Vehicle manufacturers will need to adapt production lines and testing and car dealerships will need such tool like the Stringo® Four-Wheel Mover (4WM) to move these new generation of vehicles,” explains Stringo CTO Magnus Grafström. “With the new Stringo® Four-Wheel Mover (4WM), they can accomplish their work in the safest way possible,” he states.

Stringo 4WM - Watch the teaser video

The technology for the Stringo® Four-Wheel Mover (4WM) is based on Stringo’s front section series with a series of important upgrades. It deploys an articulated construction, powered by eight bogie wheels to distribute the weight load safely across the driving surface, allowing the Stringo® Four-Wheel Mover (4WM) to move vehicles smoothly and effectively. Additionally, automatic wheel base adjustment covers 95% of percent of vehicle wheel bases. The Stringo® Four-Wheel Mover (4WM) is also optimised and turnkey for most dyno environments to assist testing engineers in quickly and accurately placing vehicles on the dyno cells. It will also assist such engineers in ADAS targeting placement of vehicles.

The other silo of features centres around ease of use; one button control allows easy and controlled loading and unloading sequences in one go, assuring error free vehicle moving.

Lastly, being powered the Stringo® 550, it comes with the High Perfomance (HP) drive that gives strong power delivery and helps move the Stringo® Four-Wheel Mover (4WM)’s payloads with stability, accuracy and a high level of safety.

The global go-to-market rollout will launch online on and in various digital campaigns on June 7thas well as live, digital demoes at Automechanika UK. It will continue to be demoed at Automotive Testing Expo Stuttgart, Germany on June 15th; in Nagoya Japan at the Automotive Engineering Expo July 05-07; at the Automotive Testing Expo Novi, US on October 24-26 and finally at the SEMA show in Las Vegas, US the final weekend in October.

“We see that the our Stringo® Four-Wheel Mover (4WM) solution is incredibly timely as more and more customers are requesting it. The technical and production team really did a great job—after our Stringo® Four-Wheel Mover (4WM) special orders the last few years—to make a serialised production machine for go-to-market customers,” says Stringo CEO Nina Thelin. “This really shows were ready for the EV revolution and more,” she declares.

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