Stringo Joins Höga Kusten Företagsmässa Employer Branding Fair

Stringo, the world’s most loved vehicle moving solution, will join an employer branding fair for the first time, the Höga Kusten Företagsmässa (High Coast Company Expo). The expo will see over 75 companies of all sizes, bring their firm’s offering to a large public audience and using the expo days for recruitment and branding opportunities.

“The Höga Kusten Företagsmässa is a collaboration between Kramfors and Sollefteå municipality. It’s an inspiring meeting place for entrepreneurs and companies from all industries,” explains the fair of its intentions. “There are good opportunities to make contacts, do business and not least to show products and services to visitors. The fair is arranged every two years in each municipality.”

For Stringo, the fair offers a chance to support the local economy’s development of critical skills that are necessary for manufacturing companies like Stringo and others. “My belief is that—while knowledge economy competence development is very important—it’s equally important that we foster our manufacturing talent and see their skills and commitment as equally important for companies to grow,” Nina Thelin, CEO of Stringo explains. “Welders, machine operators, production line workers etc are the backbone of the region’s global export economy and I want them to feel the same pride as managers or product developers for our companies’ successes.”

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About Stringo
Stringo is a unique company, the world’s most loved vehicle moving solution based in the heart of the High Coast, Sweden. Stringos have been developed entirely in-house for 30 years and today deliver vehicle movers to every corner of the globe. Stringo is the only company with total focus only on developing vehicle movers and the entire production process is adapted to manufacturing Stringos and nothing else. This makes the company knowledgeable, proud and very passionate. The company vision is to moving cars ergonomically, easily and safely.

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