Stringo Shows Off New Innovations and Vehicle Moving Solutions at Key Japanese Automotive Testing Expos

2023-04-28. Nyland, Sweden. Stringo, the world’s most loved vehicle moving solution, will again be part of Japan’s Automotive Engineering Exposition 2023 series, seminal events that bring the Japanese testing and automotive community together to review solutions and technologies.

“We really appreciate and enjoy these two expos; they’re very well attended and allow us to hear what’s happening in the testing market. They also allow us to show our customised vehicle moving solutions to customers in the testing and manufacturing space,” Chie Sakurai, Stringo Japan National Account Manager says enthusiastically.

The first event taking place in Yokohama, May 24-26 and will have  exhibitors from all spheres of the automotive trade. The second fair slated for Nagoya, will happen on July 5-7 and will reach similar automotive professionals. Sponsored by the Society of Automotive Engineers in Japan (JSAE) the event draws over 40,000 participants from all aspects of the automotive sector.  

Exhibiting at these fairs demonstrates Stringo’s commitment and strategy for growth in the Japanese market. “We’ve put a large investment into our Japanese business, both building up the team, expanding our marketing and getting closer to our customers. That means listening to them and delivering the solutions they’re looking for. So opportunities like the JSAE fairs fit well into that ambition,” Nina Thelin, CEO of Stringo, explains.

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About Stringo

Stringo is a unique company, the world’s most loved vehicle moving solution based in the heart of the High Coast, Sweden. Stringos have been developed entirely in-house for 30 years and today deliver vehicle movers to every corner of the globe. Stringo is the only company with total focus only on developing vehicle movers and the entire production process is adapted to manufacturing Stringos and nothing else. This makes the company knowledgeable, proud and very passionate. The company vision is to moving cars ergonomically, easily and safely.

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