Stringo’s New Japanese Service Portal Debuts

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2022-07-06. Nyland, SwedenStringo, the world’s most loved vehicle moving solution, today announces a new improvement in its customer service offering in Japan. Stringo Japan now will be the point of contact for all service calls and support in Japan, helping Stringo customers to get authorised technical service from approved service partners.  

“This is a really exciting development,” explains Chie Sakurai, Stringo Japan National Account Manager of the new authorised service portal that Stringo Japan has now launched on the “When customers contact us now, they’ll have the confidence that these Stringo service partners have been vetted by us and have passed the technical requirements that they require to work on our machines. They also have exclusive access to our Swedish research and development team at headquarters with their deep knowledge and insights,” she adds.

“And equally important, we make sure that the customers are getting the right price for Stringo servicing which is not the case for non-authorised dealers,” she says proudly of the benefits of the new service portal.

Nina Thelin, CEO of Stringo, sees this as another positive development for the new strategy in Japan that is adding resources and innovations to this critical Stringo market. “When customers buy our Stringos, we want them to understand that it’s a complete solution package. It’s the product of course—we’re very proud of our technical competence and how our machines perform. But good, competent service is critical to get the full value out of our products, to make sure they’re reliable with minimal downtime. To ensure sure they have all the updates, the spare parts and service partner training and give the full ROI we’re known for. For us, that’s the heart of premium: full customer satisfaction every time they need help or support with their Stringo. And I couldn’t be happier than to see this rolled out in Japan through our daughter company and our great service partners.”

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