Keypad or key – how do you prefer to start your Stringo?

At Stringo we work closely with our customers and partners. We listen to their wishes and needs to ensure we are able to continuously develop our products. A new feature in the S series’ 2019 specifications allows you to choose either a keypad or key to start your Stringo.

New machines are equipped with the keypad as standard. If you do not opt for one or the other,  you will receive the keypad by default.

Starting this year, a key switch can be chosen instead for all S series machines when ordering your vehicle mover or as an accessory at a later date.

The difference between key and keypad

The keypad and key switch both have their advantages. Depending on how and where the vehicle mover is operated, one solution may be more suitable than the other.

When it comes to the keypad, authorized operators must enter a code to start the machine. This means there is no need to store a key where it can be easily accessed by operators.

An advantage of the key switch is that start-up is somewhat faster.  The seconds it spares may be highly significant in the automotive industry, for example end of production line, where it is of the utmost importance that finished vehicles are moved quickly and efficiently so as not to obstruct the next vehicle.

Build your Stringo the way you like

The key switch is one of several optional extras available when ordering a new vehicle mover from Stringo.

Stringo offers a variety of different customization options. Some customers want minor additions, such as a rear-view mirror or tow hitch, while others need machines with a completely different appearance and new functions.

Don’t hesitate to contact us to find out more.