New Stringo “What Drives You” Video Series Begins Global Production

2022-11-02. Nyland, SwedenStringo, the world’s most loved vehicle moving solution, to meet the new generation of content consumers that prefer video as their preferred platform, Stringo is commencing on a thought leadership interview series with automotive industry insiders. Called “What Drives You” the series discusses trends and innovations within various aspects of automotive ecosystem—automotive manufacturing, testing, museums, private collectors, clay modelers, motorsports and many more—on the incredible changes that are shaping automotive life.

Topics like Decarbonisation, automated driving, disruptive new vehicle manufacturers, new fuel platforms and the new ways the passion of driving is being preserved and extended are just a sample of the topics that Stringo’s “What Drives You” series will discuss with these opinion leaders. “I’m extremely excited to be initiating this new video web series that connects the passion of our amazing customers and what they do to how they love Stringo as an incredibly useful tool for their important work. It’ll be inspiring, engaging and even entertaining,” says Stringo CMO, Sam Coleman.  “And of course, incredible vehicles—supercars, innovative vehicles and motoring excellence—will be featured as Stringo moves these engineering masterpieces.”  

The 2022 kickoff with feature Benjamin Kaminsky Detroit Operations Manager, SEMA Garage, as a leader in testing for the automotive industry. He will talk about how vehicle testing is changing, especially in regards to ADAS, new OEM solutions and decarbonisation in performance motorsports.  

On the museum side, two personalities will be featured: Jeremy Dimick of the Detroit Historical Museum and Toby Stinson of the Owls Head Transportation Museum in Maine, both organisations some of the most respected museums in the US for their automotive collections and museology programmes.  

“2022 will be a good launch and we have some exciting personalities, automotive innovations and motoring sports from around the world that we’ll feature through 2023,” Coleman states. “Be sure to watch our social media and our new video page on to keep track of all the action.” 

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