Tokyo Based Agency Info Cubic Drives Stringo’s Effort in Japan

2022-11-02. Nyland, SwedenStringo, the world’s most loved vehicle moving solution, has retained a new agency to drive its marketing efforts in Japan. The Japanese market received increased focus throughout 2022 with new hires, a dedicated management group from Stringo headquarters in Nyland, a certified service portal, expo attendance and other activities. This focus has paid off with a record year in sales and increased satisfaction by existing customers.

Now Stringo takes the next step by retaining Tokyo based Info Cubic—an award winning digital agency whose specialty is helping global company’s succeed in the Japanese market. Starting off as one of the country’s leading SEO agencies years ago, they’ve gathered competencies such as a certified Google digital agency with the full suite of tools to help Stringo reach the Japanese automotive sector. “We’re really eager to help Stringo achieve their goals. Our team of Japanese and international talent has experience in the automotive space and can absolutely elevate the brand here,” states Aaron Gayle, Cross Border Team - Global Business Development at Info Cubic.  

The strategy involves a full assessment of how Japanese B2B users engage with the Stringo website and the brand in general. Once that strategy is in place, the marketing and communication team—both on the Swedish side and the Japanese side—will vigorously take steps digitally (social media and digital advertising) and through outbound activities (expos, advertising) to promote the brand.  

“It’s very exciting,” says Chie Sakurai, Stringo National Account Manager, “me and my whole team are happy to see us take the next step in marketing here in Japan and have a dedicated resource to understand our particular customers’ needs which are very different than other markets.” 

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Stringo is a unique company, the world’s most loved vehicle moving solution based in the heart of the High Coast, Sweden. Stringos have been developed entirely in-house for 30 years and today deliver vehicle movers to every corner of the globe. Stringo is the only company with total focus only on developing vehicle movers and the entire production process is adapted to manufacturing Stringos and nothing else. This makes the company knowledgeable, proud and very passionate. The company vision is to moving cars ergonomically, easily and safely.

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